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Koi Fish For Sale - What You Need to Know Before Buying

Fish for sale today offer you the easiest, cheapest way to stock up your swimming pond or backyard with healthy, beautiful fish! Why not make it even easier and economical by choosing a wholesale koi fish dealer? Many retailers will provide you with the biggest selection of fish and also the best prices. And they'll deliver right to your door. Why pay retail when you can buy wholesale?

Once you've chosen a koi dealer for koi fish for sale -local or online one the process is fairly simple. Let the butterfly koi fish dealer know your requirements and he'll do the rest. He'll start by removing the dead and dying koi from your pond to a central location. Once your koi is ready, he'll get it and bring it back to you. You can now choose how to prepare your pond's water for the new arrivals.

Now, let's say you already have a pond that's been established for a while and it's stocked with healthy fish, but you're starting out with just a few fish. Well, since the fish for sale aren't that big, your selection may be somewhat limited. In that case, the most efficient method would be to purchase a "normal" pond with "normal" fish and then "stock" them with a few of each "type" of fish. In other words, get a few fish that are of the same sex, color and size as your regular finned fish.

That's assuming you're not raising "real" butterflies or dragon fish (which may be raised on pond noodles anyway). And that's assuming your pond is large enough to accommodate koi fish for sale. The truth is, the market is so vast that you can buy fish of nearly any size. Really, what matters is "size contrast." Big is always better than small in the koi fish for sale world.

Another thing to consider when buying fish is compatibility. Just because two koi fish of the same type are paired together doesn't mean they'll be compatible. For instance, your "normal" fin koi may well be a mixed bag of incompatible characteristics. They may swim and fight against each other, but they may also be prone to disease, especially disease from parasites. If this isn't an issue for you, then go for it, but beware. Some fish dealers are notorious for pairing regular fin koi with large goldfish which can quickly poison and kill your "normal" fin koi.

A final consideration for those in the market for Japanese Ogon are color schemes. Although it is more difficult to meet the color requirements for these fish, there are still several out there. Typically, Ogon colors include orange, white, cream, and black. Some may argue that yellow is not really an Ogon color, but it is a close second, and it is an important step in matching your color scheme. Ogon koi fish for sale are usually available in three to four inch koi per case. To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish.

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